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Liebe braucht keine Ferien

Liebe braucht keine Ferien


Amanda is done with men and wants to spend Christmas relaxing. Iris can relate, so the American and the Englishwoman decided to trade houses. Which first turns out well, as they each find love abroad, but gets somewhat more complicated, which it must to keep the story going. Star-packed Christmas comedy with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black.

Lemony Snicket - Rätselhafte Ereignisse

Lemony Snicket - Rätselhafte Ereignisse


After the death of their parents, orphans Klaus, Sunny and Violet are sent to live with the sadistic and narcissistic Count Olaf (Jim Carrey), whose aim is to enslave the children and steal their inheritance. With a lot of cunning and imagination, the children manage to stay out the count's clutches. A somewhat different children's story; a sensitive, humorous and heartfelt trip into the dreamworld of youngsters.

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Gone baby gone

Gone baby gone


After an unsuccessful investigation by local police, two young private detectives try to find a four-year-old girl lost in an industrial neighborhood of Boston. This story perched on the edge of horror is excellently directed by Ben Affleck, who redeems past mistakes and got rave reviews at the Deauville American Film Festival. Starring brother Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris.

Alvin et les Chipmunks

Alvin et les Chipmunks


Serendipity finds Alvin, Simon, Theodore, three little chipmunks, at the home of a singer/composer named Dave. Realizing they can sing and have excellent stage presence, he writes a song for them that becomes a hit. Once they become blasé stars and victims of a cynical producer, the three need to be reminded who gave them their first start. Feature adaptation of the 1980's cartoon series.

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Bild zu: Grey's Anatomy - 10. Staffel

Teilnahmeschluss: 23.12.2014

Grey's Anatomy - 10. Staffel

Zu gewinnen: 3 mal die 10. Staffel von "Grey's Anatomy" auf DVD Mehr...

Bild zu: Skyfall-007


007 hunts a cyber-terrorist who’s after M, head of the British Secret Service. Mehr  >>


20:45 - 23:05 Uhr


SRF2 17:40 -19:00 Ski alpin: Slalom Männer

1. Lauf., Moderation: Matthias Hüppi

winter sports
Sport1 20:15 -22:15 Hattrick

RB Leipzig - TSV 1860 München, 19. Spieltag.

SRF2 20:40 -21:45 Ski alpin: Slalom Männer

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EuSp 21:45 -23:00 Pferdesport: The London Intern...

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